Install 202A Headrest, 3PT Grab, US Armrest

 Download the instructions here. Instructions – 202A Headrest, 3PT Grab, US Arm

Install: Freedman Seats in the Ford Transit Wagon

New transition brackets developed by Freedman Seating Company make it possible to install Freedman 3-point and FMS Eleganza seats onto existing Ford™ legs in a variety of floor plan configurations. Download: Full Installation Instructions

Test Lab: In-Vehicle Testing Setup

Freedman Seating Test Lab’s (FSTL) best practices for in-vehicle testing setup. Following these best practices will decrease testing time, decrease costs in testing, increase validity of tests, and insure a smooth experience.

Aries Cushion Insert Installation [SOP 455]

How to install inserts on the Aries Seat by Freedman Seating.

Remove Lock N Go Option

Remove Lock N Go option on the GO-ES Seat so cushion cannot be removed without tools.

Replace GO-ES Seat Covers

Automatic and Emergency Locking Retractors

Dan Cohen, President, demonstrates the differences between ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) and ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) on Freedman Seating 3-point seat belts.

Install a Lemans Armrest

Instructions for installing the Left Lemans Armrest on a Freedman driver seat.

Open and Stow the GO-ES Foldaway

Instructions for stowing and opening the GO-ES Foldaway, including how to work around varying space between seat and wall.

Remove the Plastic Buckle Cover used on the GO-ES Belt Retractor

Essentially, this procedure calls for the reverse of installing a new replacement plastic cover. Detach the D Ring. To replace cover, pry out the cover with pliers from underside. PN 90988 used for the GO-ES 3PT Retractors: 27646, 27647, 93061, and 93062.

P1 Air Valve Assembly

Instructional video on assembling P1 Air Valves.

Install Feather Weight Seat Cover Upholstery

Instructional video on installing covers to a Freedman Feather Weight seat.

Replacing Upholstery on a Shield Driver Seat

Instructions for replacing upholstery on a Freedman Shield Driver Seat.

Adding Grab Rails to a GO Seat

This video shows how to add top grab rails to a GO seat in the field.

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