Adding Utility Pockets, Map Pockets, and Cup Holders to the GO Seat

This video shows how to add backrest options to GO seats already in the field.  You will learn how to install the utility pocket, map pocket, and cup holder options.  

Replacing Lock N GO Components

This videos shows you how to replace the Lock N GO seat cushion basket and bullets.

Replacing covers on a GO Seat

This video will show you how to remove GO seat cushions and replace the covers.

3PT Seat Belt Twisted or Jammed

This video will show you how to repair a twisted or jammed 3PT seat belt retractor. This repair can be done in the vehicle without uninstalling the seat.

A Chicago Seat Maker’s Quest for Skilled Workers | CNBC News

Read the full story here.  

3PT Bezel Install

This video shows you how to properly install a new 3PT bezel in the field.

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