Install a Lemans Armrest

Instructions for installing the Left Lemans Armrest on a Freedman driver seat.

Open and Stow the GO-ES Foldaway

Instructions for stowing and opening the GO-ES Foldaway, including how to work around varying space between seat and wall.

Eleganza Collection by FMS Seating

Bring the look and feel of first class to your executive shuttle with the Eleganza line of seats by Freedman Mobility Seating (FMS Seating). This new collection includes the Bellagio, Napoli, and Trieste seats with a variety of patterns and options to choose from, including 3PT seat belts.

Marine Collection

Designed and manufactured in the US. Freedman marine seats are light weight and available in a variety of passenger configurations to meet your specific vessel layout.

GO Seat & GO-ES Seat

Slim, light-weight and modular, the new GO and GO-ES seats by Freedman Seating are designed with your passengers in mind.

SplitFlip Option

The space saving flip-up feature can accommodate varying combinations for added aisle space, strollers, shopping carts and much more. Single flip-down motion returns seat to standard passenger seating position.

Grab Hold by 4ONE

The newly designed GrabHold by 4ONE is an integral part of the seat, eliminating the cost and bulk of adding a stanchion.. The GrabHold gives passengers who sit in aisle position on a forward facing flip seat something to grab onto in the event of a sudden stop or deceleration.

Remove the Plastic Buckle Cover used on the GO-ES Belt Retractor

Essentially, this procedure calls for the reverse of installing a new replacement plastic cover. Detach the D Ring. To replace cover, pry out the cover with pliers from underside. PN 90988 used for the GO-ES 3PT Retractors: 27646, 27647, 93061, and 93062.

Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC)

The Jane Addams Resource Corporation promotes strong communities, businesses and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. We are proud to have JARC graduates like Lonnie Montgomery (featured) on our team.

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