Morbern Vinyl & Priority Seating

Morbern vinyls are proven to be stain resistant, easy to clean, durable, fire resistant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial resistant. Morbern vinyls are soft and supple to the touch and available in trend setting colors and textures.

Priority Vinyl is a high quality printed vinyl that identifies specific seats as being “reserved” for priority passengers. Available on any Freedman back cushion or insert, Priority Vinyl has been designed specifically to pair with Morbern’s Wave Freestyle Blue.

Both Priority Vinyl and matching Wave Freestyle Blue are easy to clean, stain and chemical resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobial. As with all Freedman Seating fabrics, these heavy duty, transit grade vinyls meet FMVSS No. 302 for flammability and smoke.

Download the Priority Vinyl Brochure

Upholstery Information

Level 4
Chemical Resistant
Mildew Resistant
Priority Seating
Stain Resistant

Additional Details

  • WEIGHT: 30.75 + 1.5 ounces per linear yard
  • THICKNESS: 42 + 4.5 mils
  • COLD CRACK: -25 F
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE: No significant wear after 30,000 double rubs
  • WEATHERMETER: 1000 Hours

Manufactured to meet the following flammability requirements:

  • California Flammability Regulation (Bulletin 117, Section E)
  • UFAC Class 1
  • BIFMA Class A
  • FMVSS 302

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