Medallion Vinyls

The Medallion vinyl product line by offers the Bus market an excellent selection of patterns, and colors with long lasting durability.

Note: Keops Verde has been discontinued. A limited supply may be available. Please contact customer service for current stock levels.

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Upholstery Information

Level 3.5

Additional Details


  • 102
    • Inserts: Keops Azul
    • Trim: Tropicana Azul
    • Back of Back: Tropicana Azul
  • 107
    • Inserts: Keops Verde
    • Trim: Docca Sand Beige
    • Back of Back: Docca Sand Beige
  • 104
    • Inserts: Keops Azul
    • Trim: Tropicana Gray
    • Back of Back: Tropicana Gray

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or soap and water.
Do not use harsh chemicals.

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