CMI Dimensions Nanocide

CMI has developed the Dimensions line of coated fabrics with Nanocide for use in public transportation that uses a patent pending process of permanently embedding nanoscale silver particles, from an EPA registered Oeko-Tex approved source in our product during the manufacturing process.  Silver is a natural antimicrobial.  Microbes and fungi cannot survive in the presence of silver ions.  The smaller the silver particles, the more silver ions they emit and the more unwanted mircobes are eliminated.  Silver enhanced antimicrobial products actively inhibit bacterial growth and show a 99.9% reduction in test microbes and common bacteria.*

When the recommended cleaning and care instructions are properly followed, Nanocide and its nanoparticles cannot be washed or worn off.  It doesnt get diluted or neutralized.  It keeps working as it was designed to work for the life of the product.  The silver ions that these silver particles release during normal use are quickly deactivated in wastewater by common substances like chloride and sulfide to form unreactive minerals.

CMI’s Dimenions Nanocide is an ideal product for the transportation marketplace.  Nanocide surpresses the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria growth and proliferation which cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining and deterioration of the product.

Dimensions Nanocide antimicrobial vinyl is the first of its kind for the transportation industry.

*Efficacy data are presented solely to substantiate the antimicrobial activity of silver additives for non-public health applications.

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Upholstery Information

Level 4

Additional Details

  • ABRASION: 100,000 double rubs
  • COLD CRACK: -20°

Cleaning Instructions

In general, most household soil can be easily removed with warm soapy water and several clear water rinses. Moderate scrubbing with a medium bristle brush will help to loosen the soiling agent from the impressions of the surface. For more specific staining, refer to the guide. (download above)

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