2020 Safe Ride Tour

GO-ES Seat
The Freedman GO-ES Seat is designed for flexibility to accommodate your passengers growing needs.  Designed for easy customization, The GO-ES Seat is shipped “option ready” giving you the flexibility to quickly add accessories in the field. A favorite for small buses and transit vans.

GO-ES SpaceSaver Foldaway
The newly redesigned GO-ES Foldaway seat is the slimmest, lightest, and most customizable 3-point foldaway on the market. The upgraded SpaceSaver design provides even more aisle space when the seat is in both stowed or deployed positions.

Venezia Seat | Eleganza Collection by FMS Seating
Experience the utmost in luxury, comfort, and style. The Trieste seat is available with several different insert styles and upholstery materials, allowing you to customize the look that best fits your needs.

Caregiver Seat
The newly upgraded Caregiver seat is designed for a comfortable, safe ride for both children and guardians. 3PT seatbelts have been added for adults, while the optional ICS is available for children from 22-78 lbs. A tapered back provides unrestricted viewing for drivers, and best of all, the shoulder belts can be adjusted in seconds without taking the seat apart, avoiding clumsy operations.

CitiPro 3PT Seat
European styling, ergonomic design, and 3-point belts make the CitiPro 3PT a seat passengers want to sit in. The ultra-thin backrest provides exceptional hip-to-knee room. The CitiPro is completely modular – any part of the seat can be replaced in minutes. It is perfect for short and medium distance trips. Upholstered with or without padding and in any vinyl or cloth. Non-upholstered cosmetic inserts make for a virtually maintenance-free seat.

The Wall Flip Seat
Freedman Seating’s Wall Flip is a compact seat design that is also lightweight, space-saving and robust for everyday use.  The Wall Flip is designed with an easy-to-use flip-up feature for additional storage space.

Sport 2.0 Driver Seat
The Freedman Sport 2.0 Driver Seat is designed, tested and built to comply with all applicable FMVSS requirements. With standard recliner, 2-way adjustable lumbar and European styling, the Sport 2.0 is the ultimate in driver seat comfort and value.

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