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A seat assembly that has one passenger placement. (Single, 1 place)

A seat assembly that has two passenger placements. (Double, 2 place)

American Association for Laboratory Accreditation - A2LA

American with Disabilities Act. Prohibits discrimination based on disability. Wheelchair lift on bus. Wheelchair tie down system on a bus.

The space in the middle of the vehicle either between aisle facing seats or the space between two forward facing seats that passengers walk down to get to the back of the vehicle.

Term to describe non-wheelchair passengers


Portion of the seat an occupant's back rests against e.g. back foam, back cover. (BK)

Back of Back
The rear surface of the back cushion.

Back Thickness
A measurement in inches (maximum) typically called out in bid specifications.

Base Frame
Frame used between seats and legs - either with 1 leg and bracket to wall or with 2 or more legs.

Body Number
Number Assigned by OEM to identify vehicle - found on placard onside of driver door panel

Boston Bag
Boston bag or Boston burn test -Flame barrier type of test

Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards - Canada (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

Co-Pilot Seat
Seat adjacent to driver seat, in the front of vehicle on curb side.

CRS Hooks 225
Child Restraint Seat. FMVSS - 225 Hooks and tether to attach portable child seat to bus seat. (Child Restraint System)

Right Side of vehicle- normally the passenger / Co- pilot side of vehicle in the USA.

Portion of the seat an occupant sits on top of. (Cushion foam, cushion cover, seat, bottom)

small and mid size bus - Cutaway van chassis, an incomplete vehicle for further assembly by a manufacturer of Bus, conversion vans, RVs, ambulances, etc.

Dept of Transportation Docket 90-A recommended fire safety practices for transit bus and van materials - i.e. fabric and foam. Flame and Smoke Toxicity testing (Docket 90)

Driver Seat
Seat behind steering wheel for operator of vehicle (street side).

ASTM Smoke specification test from Rail

FAR 25.853
Flame Specification for aviation

Piece of material used on bottom of seat to encapsulate the Foam ( two versions Flameblocker and Flameblocker in D-90 Fabric)

Metal grid attached to base frame under foam Flexolator grid suspension for long lasting seat comfort

Flip Seat
A seat in which the bottom cushion flips up towards the back, similar to movie theater seat.

Floor Plan
Layout of seats and foldaway positions in a vehicle.

Federal motor vehicle safety standards - U.S.A (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

Flammability of interior materials. This standard specifies burn resistance requirements. Everything Freedman Seating Company sells meets FMVSS 302.

Foldaway Seat
A seat in which the back comes down, and both back and cushion fold against the wall.

Foldaway Shroud
Cover for stored foldaway in up position

Forward facing Seat
Seats facing towards the front of the bus

FSC Order Number
6-digit number typically found on a sticker on a Freedman seat frame, or the original sales order.

Federal Transit Administration

Fire-resistant cushioning that complies with F.T.T. and F.R.A. fire safety regulations for vehicle seating. (Safeguard FTA ALX Foam)

Handi Flip
Limited locking features Flip features, locks only in up position ( See Feather weight for Flip seat with locking in up and down positions)

Distance measured between front back cushion surface of one seat to the rear surface of the back cushion on the next forward seat, measured horizontally at the seat cushion height

Integrated child seat - built into "Tall mid high back - For children 22-61 pounds," also available caregiver 3pt ICS. (Integrated Child Seat)

Same as ICS but for children 22 to 78 pounds

In board
Window Seat

In Stock Upholstery
All of the fabric and vinyl that Freedman Seating Company currently has in-stock (i.e. readily available).

Seat bottom and back.

Intergraded Seat belt
Integrated 3 point seat belt (Lap and shoulder seat belts) (3PT)

Jump Seat
A 3rd seat used in box truck - UPS, FedEx - for extra third rider - used during busy seasons.

Kevlar Backing
Flame barrier knit backing (Prevail AK Fabric) (Prevail Fire Block)

Part of seat assembly that goes from floor to base frame.

Legs to the Floor
Standard bus configuration is wall mounted and 1 leg to the floor- Legs to the floor common in van market meaning two legs bolted to the floor not wall mounted.

Leftside side slider allows seat to slide out to create extra space between double seats. Slider space in between seats. (Left Side Slider)


Non- expanded vinyl does not upholster well because it does not stretch. (School bus vinyls - Can be non expanded material)

Out board
Aisle seat

Over The Road Bus
Elevated passenger deck located over a baggage compartment.

Special transportation services for people with disability - wheel chair ramp

Part of driver seat that is between seat bottom and floor.

Perimeter Seating
Seats along both sides of bus facing in towards each other, can have forward facing seats in rear row.

Pilot Seat
The Pilot seat is the driver seat located behind the steering wheel (street side).

Powder Coated
A process used to finish our metal components, usually black.

Mechanism that allows seat belt webbing to roll up.

Box or framework that add structure and heigh to a passenger or driver seat (i.e. CitiSeat, Feather Weight, Driver Seats).

Number of forward facing Double / Single seats from front to back

Rightside side slider allows seat to slide out to create extra space between double seats. Slider space in between seats. (Right Side Slider)

Salt Spray
A test to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. Results stated in hours.

Assembly of cushion and back that supports an occupant. (Chair)

Seat Cover Fabric Panel
Panel - layout for 3 piece face on seat insert.

Seat Delete Pedestal
Seat delete pedestal has a plastic chair on top of it and the stud mounting's match the Shield or the G2 E driver seats.

Street Side
Left of a seat as you sit in the seat- position behind driver seat in USA

Above seat pedestal that allows driver seat to move up / down / back / forward

Switchable ELR/ALR
Retractor assembly that can be adjusted from an ELR to ALR. (KISI, CHOM)

Tie down storage system - available with "L" track or Q'strain slide and click fittings - Store wheel chair belts under foldaway. (Tie down storage system - Slide and Click)

Transit Bus
Bus that is equipped with a stop-request system sold for public transportation provided by, or on behalf of, a State or local government

Material on side of seat

Type 1 seat belt assembly - Lap belt
Lap belt for pelvic restraint ref. Section 571.209 - Standard No. 209 (2PT, USR)

Type 2 seat belt assembly - Lap and shoulder belt
Combination of pelvic and upper torso restraints ref. Section 571.209 - Standard No. 209 (3PT)

Upholstered ARM rest
Foam arm rest covered in material - fabric, vinyl, leather, etc

Self skinned rubber coated arm rest

Under seat retractor seat belt. (Under Seat Retractor)

Vin Number
Number assigned to vehicle by manufacture (i.e. Ford, Chevy)

Wheel Chair position
Floor plan drawing specifying location of wheel chairs.

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