Leading Seat Manufacturer Chooses Unison Tube Bending Technology

Case Study by Unison Ltd

A bespoke Unison Twin Head All Electric CNC Bending Machines continues to outperform for the seat manufacturing firm, The Freedman Seating Company, expanding manufacturing capacity at its plant in Chicago.

The Freedman Seating Company engineer and manufacture seats and seating related products for many different applications. Their product lines include bus, rail, marine, delivery truck, specialty and commercial vehicle seating.

One of the many important qualities of these benders is the reliability and the consistency they provide our manufacturing process on a daily basis.

Shlomo Bar-Sheshet
Manufacturing Engineer

Freedman’s decision to search for a new tube bending machine was driven mainly by the nature of their seat products including formed seat frames. The company wanted to replace their old hydraulic tube bender and its outdated software with state-of-the-art bending capabilities. They needed a tube bending solution that would reduce time-consuming set up, increase reliability and repeatability, and increase productivity. The Freedman Company needed to upgrade to an all-electric CNC tube bender to achieve their goals.

The all-electric architecture provides significant benefits: a rapid and repeatable software-based set-up, lower energy consumption and reduced noise compared with traditional hydraulically powered bending machinery. In addition to this, they sought a tube bending solution that had user-friendly software, was easy to program and offered 3D-simulation to improve accuracy and bend speed. To further optimize their process, Freedman needed a machine that could perform multiple bends at the same time.

Unison is one of the few manufacturers of all-electric, twin head, state of the art tube bending equipment. They designed and built a bespoke tube bending machine to meet The Freedman Seating Company’s specific needs and expectations.

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