New Camira Defender Fabrics Provide Long-Lasting Protection

Freedman Seating Company and Camira Fabrics have partnered to offer an exclusive Level 7 fabric collection with protective armor for you, your passsengers, and your transport upholstery. The new Defender line includes seven styles, three of which are recommended trim patterns.

Three part protection

Camira Defender provides triple action long-lasting protection in a single fabric treatment, making it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-stain. It’s added to woven fabrics to form an invisible protective shield around each individual fiber strand in the fabric structure, making fabrics look newer for longer and making them easier to care for. Anti-microbial properties can help stop the spread of infection by killing common bacteria and can also prevent the degradation of fabrics through mold.

Camira Defender protects against those nasty, unpredictable spills and stains which are an unavoidable hazard of mass passenger transport. Drinks get spilt, food gets dropped, people get sick, feet get put on seats. The result? Fabrics get messed up and germs get spread. Bad news not just for upholstery fabrics, which are expected to look good and last for years, but for the general health and well-being of the travelling public.

Holdsworth Defender has no negative impact on the appearance color or feel of the fabric and normal cleaning programs can continue to be used.

How it works.

Holdsworth Defender provides long-lasting durable freshness using the very latest anti-microbial silver technologies. Silver particles are highly effective antimicrobial agents in low concentrations with no human toxicity.

Their broad spread of effectiveness covers bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium. Without Holdsworth Defender textile upholstery – exposed to all the nasties and even human sweat – is the perfect bacterial feeding ground.

Holdsworth Defender provides an effective control system against a wide spectrum of mold fungicides and mildews which can thrive in the warm, moist condtions in transport interiors as they feed on food and liquid spill remnants.

One of the most common is Aspergillus niger, which can spoil the textile appearance as it turns white-yellow then to black. Rotting brings with it unpleasant odor problems and textile degradation leads to premature wear through.

Holdsworth Defender provides superior protection against both water and oil based stains, making it effective against things like drinks, mud, even blood, as well as greasy food, fats and oil.

A new generation of textile finish system is employed which builds a 3D microstructure on to the surface of the textile. Its formulation contains precisely engineered microparticles which are the optimal dimension to replicate the “Lotus leaf effect”, creating a unique coating.

Quick wins using Holdsworth Defender

• Repels liquid spills and prevents staining
• Stops dirt and moisture from destroying upholstery foam
• Stops premature wear by agitation of dried on stains
• Reduces odors associated with spills, stains, accidents and sickness
• Helps stop the spread of infection
• Keeps interior fabrics looking fresh and new for longer

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