Auburn’s Free Shuttle Features Freedman Feather Weight Seats

Tiger Transit is a free to student and faculty bus system supplied by Auburn University. It is tasked with ferrying students and faculty to and from various points on campus. Tiger Transit also stops at numerous off campus student housing locations and has dedicated routes to supermarkets and shopping centers. The bus fleet is seventy (70) vehicles with 34 seats per bus. Roughly 14,000 students ride Tiger Transit daily, about 55% of the entire student population.

Tiger Transit uses Freedman Feather Weight Mid-Hi seats.

Freedman Seating Feather Weight seats are the most severely tested in the company’s history, and meet all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards for strength and safety (including FMVSS 210 for seat belts). Less weight means one thing to bus builders and operators: they can get more passengers per bus. And when we say more passengers, we mean more happy passengers.

Whether your bus is for tour/charter, para-transit, or shuttle, the Feather Weight Mid-Hi works for you. Optional adjustable headrests and reclining backrests give you luxuries for long journeys, while grab rails and ABS plastic backs provide the function and safety required for shorter trips. The ultra-thin backrest gives outstanding support and increases more hip-to-knee room than any other seat in its class. The steel frame system meets or exceeds all applicable government standards for safety and durability. And, it’s light as a feather!

The buses also feature a combination of foldaway and flip seats to accomodate passengers in wheelchairs and provide extra aisle space.

Does your school or local bus fleet feature Freedman seats? Send us a photo on social media or email


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