New Marine Seats Continue Tour at PVA Annual Convention

Long Beach, CA — Since November 2014, Freedman Seating Company has unveiled two new seats at Pacific Marine Expo and The International Workboat Show. This January, The Catalina and Genoa join a fleet of proven seating options, including the CitiPro, Gemini, CitiSeat, Glitz, and GO Seat, at the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) Annual Convention at MariTrends. The convention, which runs January 31st to February 3rd is designed with your business needs in mind and provides winning ideas and information aimed at those who not only operate passenger vessels but also those who provide products and services to the passenger vessel industry.

In addition to informative general session keynote speakers, roundtables discussions and a host of cutting-edge workshops, a MariTrends 2015 exhibit hall will showcase the latest maritime products and services while also serving as the convention “gathering place.”

Visit Freedman Seating at booth #37.

Click here for hotel and registration information. Click here for convention program. Questions? Contact PVA at 1-800-807-8360 or

The Catalina (pictured left)

Comfortable, lightweight, and customizable, the sophisticated Catalina is the modern marine seat. Several add-on options and a wide selection of upholsteries make this the most flexible and attractive component in your vessel. Designed for style and comfort; engineered for safety and reliability. Standard features include Aluminum Construction, Replaceable Covers, Low, Mid, and Hi-Back models, and a Knee Saver Design for added space and comfort.

The Genoa (pictured right)
Ultra lightweight and durable, the sleek Genoa seat is ideal for outdoor accommodations. Choose from a variety of replaceable covers for a modern, easy to maintain alternative to deck seating. Various options can be fitted to make this seat the highlight of your next vessel. Designed for style and comfort; engineered for safety and reliability. Standard features include Aluminum Construction, Replaceable Covers, All-Weather Durability, and a Knee Saver Design for added space and comfort.

Both seats meet strength requirements of IMO HSC Code.

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